Rules Of The School


  1. The medium of instruction is English which alone should be used at all times in the school.
  2. Every pupil of all classes must have a copy of the School Diary which should be brought to School daily.
  3. Absentees without prior permission will be taken seriously.
  4. Pupils should be in the School before the second bell.
  5. The working day is divided into two sessions with a lunch break.
  6. All the pupils must attend the School regularly and punctually and permission for leave must be obtained prior to the pupils absence from the class.
  7. If a pupil is absent continuously for 15 days ,without previously obtaining leave, his/her name will be struck off the rolls and consequently will have to seek the readmission.
  8. Unexpected holidays will be made up on Saturdays with notice to the parents.
  9. During the school hours no student is allowed to leave the School premises without the permission of the Principal.
  10. Parents are advised to check the diary on all days for any information/ message from the School. They can also convey any information to the class teachers /Principal by writing on the diary.
  11. Care must be taken of all School property and no students should scribble on desks/walls or scratch or spoil desks and chairs or damage any school furniture.
  12. Parents and guardians are requested to participate in the meetings arranged by the school authority.

Details About The School Uniform


Boys: navy blue shirts, half sleeved blue stripes shirt ,tie, black shoes ,blue socks and belt.

Girls: Navy blue pinafore over the half sleeved blue stripes shirt, tie , black shoes, blue socks and belt.


Boys: Navy Blue pants, half sleeved blue stripes shirt, tie, black shoes, blue socks and belt.

Girls: Navy Blue pants , blue stripes shirt, tie, over coat, black buckle shoe and belt.

Boys must have shirt tucked in they should crop their hair Girls should have the hair plaited into two, tied up with white ribbons. Girls with short hair should use white band. No ornaments will be allowed except a pair of small ear studs.

NB: Bell bottom / low waist / Tight dresses are not allowed.

School Routine

School Hours 9:30 am to 3:45 pm
Office Hours 9:30am to 3:45 pm
Holiday:- Saturday ,Sunday and all public holidays...
School transactions will not be permitted on holidays
First bell 9.15 am
Second bell 9.20am
Third bell 9.25am(Assembly)
First Period 9.35 am to 10.20am
Second Period 10.20am to 11.00am
Interval 11.00am to 11.10am (10 minutes)
Third period 11.10am to 11.50 am
Fourth period 11.50am to 12.30pm
Lunch Break 12.30 am to 1.00 pm (30 minutes)
Fifth period 1.00 pm to 1.40 pm
Sixth period 1.40 pm to 2.20 pm
Interval 2.20 pm to 2.25 pm (5 minutes)
Seventh Period 3.10 pm 3.45 pm
Holiday:- National Anthem
Co-curricular activities